About Us

We have been enjoying grapes from our childhood, most of the times we went to a local hawker or in a regular sabjimandi where we used to buy this tasty fruit rich with vitamins and minerals. Imagine if you can enjoy grapes right picked from vine and home delivered at your doorstep… We at mygrapes.in are here to make this possible.

Let’s take a quick look at who we are…

We are a team of farmers based in the grape capital of India, Nashik, Maharashtra; by using almost all natural quality ingredients, we are offering the best quality Nashik Grapes directly came from our farm through online mediator of mygrapes.in. Our principal aim is to bring this exotic fruit like grapes in Pune within 24 hours when its picked out. Provision behind allowing 24 hours to deliver is already made daily and you just need to enjoy this tasty fruit which we are going to ship at your doorstep with a minor shipping cost*.

A question may rise why should anyone buy Nashik grapes online?

Here are some points we think will make you think about this question once again

1.Nashik Grapes are not available anywhere in Pune.
2.We are farmers, so there are no mediators between you and us.
3.Red grapes are an exotic fruit, and its only cultivated in Nashik.
4.We are offering only fresh grapes, we don’t store it before delivering it to you.
5.We are into Grape cultivation since last three decades.

No mediator between farmer and customer means cost cutting which lets you enjoy green,black and red grapes at an affordable, exclusive and promising price which you won’t find anywhere on online grapes purchase site.

We provide Grapes to the customer solely as well as we accept bulk/corporate orders.

We are not any giant fruit vendors but we are farmers, we take care of grapevines like our own children; with utmost care throughout the season and the result of this is cultivating a fresh, crispy, tasty and sweetest grapes which you won’t find anywhere in Pune.

Our motto is ‘from farm to home’ which ensures 100% fresh and hygienic grapes at your doorstep.

So,let’s take a quick look at our produce.

Currently we are providing three major kinds of Nashik Grapes in Pune:

1.Green Grapes
2.Black Grapes
3.Red Grapes
4.Dry Raisins
5.Sweet Spreads
6.Organic Grapes

Along with these variety, we are offering few sub-variety of each kind of grape which we are cultivating at our own farms.

1.Green Grapes
The most popular type of table grapes available out there, pale green in color, Green grapes are available 8 month in a year.

Thompson Seedless
Beautiful, Yummy, amber coloured berries which deliver a Crisp, Delightful eating experience. Pairs wonderfully with soft cheeses. The most common variety of green grape across the world, Thompson Seedless or Sultana, is oval and pale green in colour. It is also widely used for making raisins. The popularity of this grape is due to its thin skin and crunchy texture.

Sudhakar Seedless
These grapes are green coloured as usual and extremely hard and round in shape. The sugar present in grapes is up to 24 bricks. One of the beneficial components called polyphenols, which are also antioxidants present in this variety. Delivers a delightful and awesome eating experience.

Clone 2
Known for its characteristic of relieving oxidative stress, Clone 2 variety of green grapes removes harmful molecules called free radicals into the retina. Good for health, rich with minerals and fibre, Clone 2 is a crunchy fruit.

Sonaka Seedless
Sonaka is a variant of Thompson seedless fruit, but instead of the oval shape, they are quite elongated while they do retain the thin skin. This fruit is very melodious and thin in skin, also a crunchy fruit.

RK grows in an oval shape, they are quite elongated while they do retain the thin skin. This fruit is very melodious and thin in skin, also a crunchy fruit.

2.Black Grapes
Crisp, indulgent and delicious in taste, seedless black grapes are available throughout the season.

Sharad Seedless
This variety is quite sweet and the texture is crisp. The berries are oval in shape and quite large in size. This high quality, tasty and natural Sharad Seedless Grapes are highly admired and award winning kind of fruit.

Nanasaheb Purple
Nanasaheb Purple, a Seedless, upgraded black berry with better taste, crispy and bold sizes between 20 to 24 mm.

This is a seedless high quality black fruit is mainly cultivated in northern region of India especially Yesgaon, Nashik. This boasts a crisp-juicy texture with an excellent sweet flavour.

3.Red Grapes
A crisp fruit with a crunchy skin, red grapes are available throughout the season, makes a perfect on-the-go snack.

Crimson Seedless
Because of late-season harvest, you can enjoy these red grapes in fall and winter—and there’s a lot to enjoy. The Crimson Seedless boasts a crisp-juicy texture and an excellent, sweet flavour. It serves low calories and high in antioxidants along with vitamin C

4.Dry Raisin/kismis
Dry Raisin is rich in taste and enhances the flavour of any dish we add it to. Round in shape, this yellow dry fruit is awesome in taste, preferred in all age groups.

5.Sweet Spreads
The product range in sweet spreads include Grape Jams, Grape Marmalade and Grape Butter.

The reason behind producing sweet spreads out of grapes is that Grapes are not available fresh throughout the year, there is a limitation reserved by mother nature that’s why, we can only enjoy Grapes for 8 months of the year. Many of us certainly would like to enjoy grapes throughout the year.

Our sweet spreads are prepared from whole fruit as well as Grape Juice, we add only natural, healthy and approved preservatives to make our spreads, the taste factor remains the same and you can enjoy sweet spreads with breads and chapati rolls.