Black Grapes Jumbo Seedless

Jumbo is a seedless high quality black fruit mainly cultivated in northern region of India especially in Yesgaon, Nashik. This boasts a crisp-juicy texture with an excellent sweet flavour. Quite bigger in size, Jumbo is literally a Jumbo fruit as compared to other variety of Black Grapes.Jumbo grapes available for online shopping in pune (India).

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Like other Black Grapes, Jumbo variety of Black Grapes is also rich in Vitamins and Nutrients. As we can see, black grapes have less quantity of sugar, but they help prevent and cure diabetes, all the seedless variety of black grapes are beneficial for hair, face and skin quality. The natural intoxicants present in black grapes are also known to prevent and cure cancer cells at some points.The nutrition fact of Jumbo black grapes available in nutrition fact section.